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WPMRR WordPress Podcast

Jun 30, 2020

Obi-Wan stops by today taking a small break between helping others save the galaxy.


In this episode of WPMRR, Jay discusses his thoughts on annual recurring revenue, having a business mindset, and his book “Building a Business that Lasts.”


Tune in to learn how to be the best guide for your customers.



Jun 23, 2020

99 topics and thousands of podcast minutes later, there’s still many burning questions left unanswered.


To celebrate WPMRR’s 100th episode, Joe and Christie weigh in on premium hosting, how often to send client reports, and why you shouldn’t worry about c-Panel hacking. 


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Jun 16, 2020

People of color have been put through systematic oppression for many centuries, and today we look at how it reflects in the WordPress space.


In this episode of WPMRR, Christie and Joe discuss their background, encounters with discrimination, and their experience in the WordPress community as people of color.

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Jun 9, 2020

The dwarf warrior Gimli stops in after helping save Middle-earth to speak on affiliate marketing management. 


In this episode of WPMRR, Logan discusses how affiliate marketing works, affiliates point-of-view on business relationships, and where the industry is heading.

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Jun 2, 2020

Dark Helmet takes a moment to step away from his dolls to give advice on the tactics of hiring and being hired.

In this episode of WPMRR, Kyle discusses strategies in hiring right, how a good job listing is formatted, and how to make your applications stand out.Tune in to learn how to hire and be hired successfully.