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WPMRR WordPress Podcast

Jul 28, 2020

Podcasting is more than just talking into a microphone, what happens after you finish recording?  


Today on the WPMRR podcast, Joe and Christie talk about running a podcast, how they record, and the technicalities of producing an episode.


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Jul 21, 2020

The questions keep coming and the answers may not be what you expect them to be!   


Today on the WPMRR podcast, Joe and Christie tackle the bus factor phenomenon, converting one-offs to subscriptions, and the pros of ConvertKit.


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Jul 14, 2020

Can’t decide which podcast format to use? Darth Sidious has come to your rescue.


Today on the WPMRR podcast, Joe is joined by Joe Casabona, an online course creator, podcast host, and web developer, to talk about podcasting from scratch, professional audio editing, and repurposing content for different mediums. 


Jul 7, 2020

What's been your experience with the WordPress community?


Today on the WPMRR podcast, Joe and Christie are joined with Alex Denning of Ellipsis Marketing and Tom Fanelli, CEO of Convesio, to talk about WordPress hosting, how to get investors, and the close ties between WordPress and WooCommerce


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